Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is development that responds to the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to respond to theirs.

M3 is based on the values of sustainability and responsibility and focuses its offer around 3 pillars:


Renewable energy contributes to meeting the challenges of sustainable energy, bioenergy in particular

Solar-powered pontoons, just like the roofs of buildings

Marine energy comes from the potential, kinetic, thermal and chemical energy of seawater, which can be used to produce electricity, thermal energy or drinking water.

A wide variety of technologies can be employed, such as tidal power plants, underwater turbines that harness tides and ocean currents, heat exchangers based on the transformation of ocean thermal energy, and various systems that take advantage of wave energy and salinity gradients.

Use of green hydrogen as an energy carrier in the shipbuilding industry


The impact of the marina and the Yacht Club must be as neutral as possible, paying particular attention to air pollution, water pollution and pollution of the marina.


All the materials used for the marina and the Yacht club are sustainable, the raw materials used are nearby and chosen according to their impact on the biotope.

Ex use of local wood and eco-friendly use, local stone roofs…

Respect for the Marine Environment

M3 has a special interest in the ocean and is committed to respecting the marine environment and its biodiversity.

The Marine Strategy Framework Directive (2008/56/EC), is a European Directive of the European Parliament and Council adopted on June 17, 2008. It establishes a framework for Community action in the field of marine environmental policy.

The first paragraph of this Framework Directive states that “The marine environment is a precious heritage that must be protected, restored and treated as such, with the ultimate objective of preserving the biological diversity and dynamism of the oceans and seas and ensuring their safety, cleanliness, good health and productivity”.

Reuse of treated wastewater

Sustainable development also means paying special attention to the water resource, to preserve it as much as possible.

The committed marina of the future has to be innovative by using treated wastewater and valorizing the raw materials it generates.

Reuse of treated wastewater :

After a first use, water taken from the natural environment is called “waste”. In the vast majority of cases, water leaving treatment plants is discharged. However, it is technically possible to reuse this water for new uses.

> Use for rinsing boats, pontoons but also streets, green spaces, golf courses, stadiums.

On course for green hydrogen

As an alternative to carbon-based energies, green hydrogen is presented as a major scientific, environmental and economic challenge.

No greenhouse gases are then emitted.

« Green » hydrogen is produced from renewable energies. The electricity produced by wind turbines or solar panels is transformed, with water, by an electrolysis process.

Hydrogen-powered shuttles have just been tested in the emirates before being deployed to other sectors. This is an innovative water transportation system, defined as a “water metro” with regular stops at stations along the way.

M3 is involved in many other projects in parallel.

Coral protection

responsible and modern marina must integrate and unite with the surrounding ecosystem. M3 proposes to participate in a scientific research aiming at rebuilding coral reefs.

This offer aims to rebuild dying reefs and surrounding ecosystems by installing dome-shaped structures with integrated young coral.

These facilities promote species diversity, and by their modularity allow efficient coverage of large areas.

Thanks to their integrity in the ecosystem, they ensure the long-term prosperity of coral reefs.

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