Marine Development & Infrastructure

Technical advice in the solution of maritime facilities and infrastructure such as safety with underwater drones, optimization of berths with our pontoon offer etc…

This offer meets the need for additional moorings while respecting the environment.

This patented system of floating pontoons is designed for units from 6 to 12 metres and allows a gain of +25% to +40% in berths.

A simple, modular and scalable solution to move pontoons and gain berths: no heavy infrastructure work is required and it can be set up without constraints as and when required and according to development needs.

Marina Safety

Technical advice in the solution of maritime facilities and  infrastructure in terms of security in the broadest sense (IT infrastructure, protection of strategic assets, surveillance and control)

Different security missions can be delegated to M3 and its partner :

> Design and implementation of the IT infrastructure of a yacht club

Ensure client confidentiality within the marina to and from the yachts through encryption algorithms.

Ensure IT security and protection of know-how and strategic assets

> Train the staff related to the whole security aspect in the broadest sense of the word.

Implementation of procedures and techniques to combat espionage, terrorism and computer intelligence (human intelligence techniques, reverse targeting, travel security).

The surveillance and control instruments at our disposal:

> Sensors (Sonars, Lidars, Radars, electro-optical infrared camera systems)

Vehicles (autonomous underwater vehicles, remotely piloted underwater vehicles, remotely piloted aerial vehicles)

Systems (RF target deactivation, command and control)

We can provide graduated intrusion alerts for potential threats in underwater, surface and air environments (active and passive underwater acoustic devices, surface and lidar radar, unmanned autonomous underwater vehicles).

Protection and sanitation

The boat confidential and privileged place, synonymous with freedom and security can be equipped to avoid the risks of contagion from Covid19

M3 is adapting to the new sanitary constraints related to Covid 19.

The boat, a confidential and privileged place, can be specially equipped to avoid the risks of contagion by keeping the air filters germ-free, a relative humidity between 40 and 65%, a temperature of 22°C, and by cutting off the air recycling :

100% air cut-off, HEPA barrier, work safety, sanitation and air purification system.

Join us the 22 & 23 September 2024 for the 4th Edition of the Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous